we think, feel, and communicate freely

Since 2002, we've been helping companies, teams, people and values to find their voice, and make it heard.

who we are

We are a mature and established team consisting of a core of communication veterans and several young and bright minds and spirits.

We are members of PRGN (Public Relations Global Network) since 2014. PRGN is one of the biggest international networks for independent communication agencies, in over 30 countries around all continents.

what we do

Strategic, tactical and operational consultancy in business communication

Integrated communication campaigns

Brand creation, development, positioning and curation

ESG consultancy and communication

Internal organizational communication and employer branding

Event planning

Digital marketing and communication on social media

Content writing and visual content creating

Mass-media research and analysis

Consultancy in crisis management

From raw ideas to complete results, we create, implement, manage and improve public communication processes.

clients and projects

What we’ve been up to… A few acts of communication from our record.

Sanofi and Free, together ever since 2009

Sanofi is one of the most relevant examples in order to highlight our long term partnerships that we like to build, maintain, and develop. Actually, we’ve been working with the communication team from the company’s beginning, 2001, when the company was called Sicomed (named Zentiva in 2005, and later on, in 2009, Sanofi). We have […]

MAZDA MX-5 Transfăgărășan Experience

Mazda MX-5 Transfăgărășan Experience 2017 was the first event in which the legendary MX-5 roadster met the legendary road, which some people call the most spectacular roadway in the world. Journalists all around Eastern Europe met in Sibiu in order to test drive the best-seller two-seated sports car on the impressive curbs of Transfăgărășan.


Is the coffee, B2B, B2C, and HoReCa brand of the company La Fântâna, created, developed, and curated for La Fântâna by our agency. From its name, identity, and packaging, to its online information campaigns, BTL marketing, and its participation in profile events, we make sure that KAFUNE, The FUN! Coffee’s messages reach the right crowd.

SanoVita – #zidezimaibine

Starting with 2021, Sanovita, the vegetable origin foods manufacturer, communicates under the umbrella “Day by day it gets better”. The brand’s mission is to be as close and help people who would like to make small changes, everyday, for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Apart from its products, Sanovita offers people access to specialists, […]

Eisberg – #simplyfresh

Eisberg is a convenience salad provider and an important part of the vegetable- fruit market. Other than the permanent communication consultancy, we have developed awarded campaignes, such as “Leglume #simplyfresh”, which were later on turned into office calendars, or “Salata de vorbe”, which is a content campaign for the company’s website.