We see. We like. We share.

It’s the year 2023 and we can’t help but wonder: Why is gender diversity still a problem in the workplace?

The “Imagine” campaign, conducted by the CBP London agency shows us how we can use social media as true catalysts for important social problems. It is a concentrated, well executed, and thought-provoking campaign, we think. Are we even wondering why it became so viral on social media?

Specifically, the London agency debated gender equality at work through this campaign. “Imagine a CEO. Is it a man?” or “Imagine someone crying in the office. Is it a woman?” are just a couple of the messages, which invite us to ask ourselves if a certain person is a man or a woman. The ones at CBP London posted a series of graphic posters on social media, with the purpose of starting a conversation on gender stereotyping.

All of us have unconscious prejudice, that is, social stereotypes we create by labeling the ones around us. Why not doubt them and make people talk about these?

“Imagine” is a campaign that was released around the International Women’s Day, but nevertheless is applicable and relevant any day.