Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) becomes more and more a strategic imperative for all organizations. As we advance on this one-way journey, we have to understand ESG reporting is not only about data and regulations, but it has to truly reflect who we are and what we do. ESG is also an opportunity to differentiate the business and to strengthen relevancy and trust with all stakeholders.

Global ESG Monitor (GEM) – a greater transparency for a better future.
We consider transparency one of the most powerful forces for a better future. That’s why we have partnered with Global ESG Monitor (GEM), which strives for a more transparent ESG reporting worldwide. GEM encourages a real change in all stakeholders’ mindset, a responsible and honest approach in the ongoing process of better fitting our daily business into the broader ecosystem. GEM examines more than 300 companies of the world’s largest stock market indices, to develop an unified global ranking for ESG reporting.

Free Communication is Global ESG Monitor exclusive partner in Romania.

Download a free copy of the global report or the one for Romania by clicking the image below.

ESG advisory

Together with our leading international partners specialized in ESG consultancy, we provide support for:

  • Understanding the ESG principles, regulations and requirements and making them tangible and meaningful inside and outside your company
  • Defining an ESG strategy that will better shape the future of your business
  • Designing a credible and solid ESG reporting system that integrates all internal and external communication channels
  • Defining your ESG key indicators and positioning your company in a peer group comparison