who we are

We are experts in integrated communication and strategic consultation on the local market, as well as on the international one for more than 20 years. We do it well because we combine the experience of the professionals core with the fresh energy of our new colleagues – young people with fresh and bold ideas. We appreciate and respect one another, and we actively and constantly invest in our team, as we believe that only through sharing ideas and experiences we can create excellence in the act of communication.
We call things by their names, we search for the most efficient communication solutions for our partners and we tackle challenges with enthusiasm.
We base all our actions on values such as loyalty, honesty and freedom. We strongly believe that the moral duty of our profession comes to a correct processing of the truth and we encourage this creed through all we do.

We are members of PRGN (Public Relations Global Network) since 2014. PRGN is one of the biggest international networks for independent communication agencies, in over 30 countries around all continents. This quality offers us access to a big sum of information, experience and good practices at a global level, which we derive on a local plan in our acts of communication.

Alexandra Diniță

Founder & Managing Partner

Alexandra had the vision of founding Free Communication back in 2002. Since then, she leads the agency's team, which had a constant presence in the local top communication firms ranking. She has an extensive experience with integrated international accounts in healthcare, aviation, retail, finance or automotive. Alexandra’s background in architecture and urbanism gives her a unique perspective on communications, marketing, creative and branding. She graduated an Executive MBA program with ASEBUSS / Kennesaw State University University in 2007, is currently the Immediat Past President of PRGN (Public Relations Global Network) and Chair of PRGN's Advisory Board.

Laurențiu Niță

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

With a degree in cybernetics, Laurentiu has an experience of 25 years in communication, mainly healthcare, financial services, constructions and retail. Laurențiu has developed and coordinated major projects for global corporations, as well as for local brands. His main responsibilities with Free Communication are operations management and strategic coordination of clients.

Nicoleta Matei

Co-Founder & Head of Events

With a university degree in philosophy, Nicoleta is the mastermind behind the events carried out by Free Communication. She creatively leads the event design and coordinates the execution, having a strong grip over logistics, production, suppliers and budgets. Nicoleta is director of logistics and production, and her main responsibilities are strategy and event management.

Răzvan Năstase

Communications Director & Junior Partner

Razvan joined Free Comm in 2005 and got through all consultancy positions. He is currently Junior Partner & Communication Director. Razvan is responsible for communication and brand strategy, oversees implementation plans and mentors younger colleagues. Razvan thinks there is no “stupid idea”, as anything can be a springboard to the “great idea”.

Irina Pătru-Florea

Communications Director & Junior Partner

Irina joined the Free team in 2006, when she was still a student. Since 2009, she has been managing communication for different clients, mainly from the pharma & medical services, food, legal, constructions & real estate areas. Starting with 2022 she was also named Junior Partner, as she is actively involved in the agency's development.

Daniel Amzăr

Communications Director & Junior Partner

Part of the Free Communication team since 2007, Daniel is specialized in corporate, product and crisis communication for various clients in the fields of automotives, aviation, banking, mobility, finance, robotics and others. From 2022 Daniel joined the management team as a Junior Partner.

Paul Vîrvea

Head of Content

With over three decades of experience in different communication media, Paul is part of the Free Comm team from 2016. He coordinates the Department of Content - a mini editorial with university forum energy and the looks of a summer camp. He professionally lives in the world of ideas, abstract thinking and words which define reality and name the truth.

Ruxandra Dragomir


Ruxandra joined the Free Communication team back in 2021, when she was also graduating from her Master's Degree. She is part of the editorial team and she manages the activity for various clients from the agency's portofolio. Ruxandra is a creative and organized person, who is solution oriented.

Nadir Yusuf

Head of Digital

After a lerning period in both advertising and media, Nadir chose to dedicate himself to the digital ground between strategy and beyond execution-implementation. And he has been doing this for over 15 years (we would say even longer). He is learning together with the clients, especially B2B, FMCG, Food&Beverages, Healthcare, those key learnings after each online campaign - because, sometimes... you don't solve the problem that doesn't need to be solved.